Slurping a fruity Zlaty Bazant over a plate of šulance (sweet dumplings festooned with poppy seeds and generously dowsed in a buttery, sugary sauce) the other day in a convivial bar in Rača, the area of Bratislava that I have just moved to, a number of things occurred to me. Firstly, that I was doing a rather strange thing: moving to a country that a lot of people have spent much of the last century trying to get out of. Secondly, that, judging by the incredulous looks I was getting from the other customers around me, those from foreign parts were none too common hereabouts. Thirdly, that it might be most interesting (to me for sure – and hopefully others) if I was to write an account of my experiences.

So welcome to englishmaninslovakia. Stay tuned for regular posts on the best places to go and the best things to do but, also, stories of day-to-day life in this wonderful little country: from Bratislava’s bars to the Tatras’ amazing hikes to the fantastic castles everywhere to, yes, the occasional political rant. All things Slovak, in short. Na zdravie! (cheers!)

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