Brezová Pod Bradlom Area

The little town (well, the main town around here) of Brezová Pod Bradlom, a hiking centre crouching on the north-west face of the Small Carpathians, is proof of how very versatile Western Slovakia/The Middle is in its landscapes. Here it feels a world away from the sedate winemaking towns like Modra and Pezinok in the south of this same range of hills. You’re that much further north, here, and the landscapes are accordingly wilder! The highlight of this region (at least, its most prominent landmark) is the monument/tomb of Slovak hero (and creator of Czechoslovakia) General Štefánik: Bradlo. Among the fascinating hiking options here are the start/end points for the long-distance Štefánikova magistrála and Cesta Hrdinov SNP trails: the latter continuing all the way across the country.

You’ll almost certainly arrive here from our Places to Go/Western Slovakia/The Middle sub-chapter (Piešťany Area) – and you will probably return the same way, or move further north into Places to Go/Western Slovakia/The North-Western Part (The Biele Karpaty). There’s also a possibility to head southwest from here via Jablonica into Places to Go/Western Slovakia/The Middle (Smolenice Area)