Elán hit New York ©Jaro Nemčok

Death Watching Over Us: Introducing Elán

Whenever the Prague Old Town square’s Astronomical Clock strikes you’ll see one of the figures emerging to do the chiming is Death (a skeleton). Here’s the premise for one of Slovak rock group Elán’s greatest ever hits, smrtka na pražskom orloji (The Grim Reaper on the Astronomical Clock). In case you ever wanted to know what Czechoslovak rock was all about, this was it. So here we go: perhaps Slovakia’s most popular all-time band, going strong since 1968 and still with regular performances around the country that sell out, every time… 

One thought on “Death Watching Over Us: Introducing Elán

  1. Elán represented Slovakia on their first Eurovision outing in 1993, with “Amnestia na neveru”, a really rather good little song, but didn’t get past the semi finals – a real shame! Both Slovakia and the Czech Republic have a wealth of musical talent but are incredibly inept at Eurovision (or no longer even bother, in Slovakia’s case).

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