Why Tina says, dance to the rhythm of your breath

Have you ever thought about the key to a fulfilling life? Is it happiness, health, peace of mind? Or is it something else? Let me reveal the miracle of life, the key to every door to life’s enrichment.

You should live the life you always dreamed of.

Change your life to the best it can be, with your breathing! I really believe you can change your life with your breath. You might be thinking right now … Is she for real?

Does she really think we can change anything in our lives by changing our breathing?

I am going to share with you the story of my early experience of the importance of healthy breathing, it shows what breathing does to our body and mind… and I will share with you the first and the most important breathing technique of all.

I was only seven and my breath and my heartbeat had become very weak. I was diagnosed with asthma. I was given drugs to control it.

At the age of 18 I made my very first adult decision. I stopped taking drugs to help my illness. I started on my own healing journey and research – I drank more water, did more exercise, meditated and I ended up watching my breath all the time.

Years went by and I felt really good. I forgot about asthma. Because of all breathing exercises, I could do anything without drugs. Then my first yoga teacher came along and taught me basic asanas and how to breathe through them. That helped me even more.

After just few months of doing yoga, I had a medical examination and the doctor was amazed at the improvement in my lung capacity. My lung capacity at the time was 8 litres, the lung capacity of an average man is 6 litres. That was the moment when my journey of breathing really took off. My wake-up call!

I have studied breathing even more since then. I started to teach yoga and especially breathing and meditation classes. I shared my own experiences with people of different ages, different backgrounds, different health or emotional issues.

And the result? I believe that 95% of the population does not know how to breathe. More than 70% have very short breath, which results in stress, depression and anxiety. 50% of the population does not know how to breathe while they do sports and that results in less energy and more muscle tension.

After I have taught them the proper breathing techniques, I have seen people crying and laughing simply because they have released old patterns or because they experienced unconditional love and happiness through their own breathing.

WHAT BREATHING DOES? To learn how to breathe properly is vitally important. Deep breathing will improve all your conditions. From the physical point of view – healthy breath increases oxygenation throughout the body, improves energy levels and stimulates circulation.

From the mental and emotional point of view – healthy breath reduces worry and anxiety, clears past traumas and dramas, increases life enjoyment.

And last but not least is a spiritual expansion.

Healthy breathing deepens meditation, expands awareness and allows fuller expression of love and joy and much more. There is something about the breath. It is a key to a fulfilled life.

TECHNIQUE – The most important breathing technique of all is to know your own breath. So, close your eyes and listen to your breath. How is it? Is it shallow or deep? Is it fast or slow? Do you breathe into your lungs or all the way into the lower abdomen. How long is your breath in and your breath out?

Our breath is more important than anything else. Why? Because our breath is our life force. Without it, we die within minutes. We have to go with the flow of our breath through our whole life.

Be cautious! Stay in the present moment of your very own breath. Follow your every breath, experience what breathing does to your body and mind. And your every breath becomes your companion and does everything and anything you ever wished for.

Dancing to the rhythm of your breath, it’s like being dancing to the music of life and unconditional love. Change your life to its best, with your breath!

Tina Penxová

by Tina Penxová

Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle…”
I studied technical engineering, but ending up working as mindful breathing coach and yoga teacher.