A quick plug for two men in an electric car

There are a lot of shocks in the world of electric vehicles – and some as daft as they come! One of the latest is EU rules are demanding new electric vehicles are fitted with a noise-emitting device, following concerns that low-emission cars and vans are so quiet, they put pedestrians at risk. All new types of four-wheel electric vehicle must be fitted with the device, which sounds like a traditional engine. Well, that’s daft isn’t it? Electric cars have been around for years – so why have they only now caught on that they could be silent but deadly? And then of course is how far can you actually get in one? Going on a day trip could actually have you blowing a fuse! That’s because electric cars can only cover a limited distance  on a full charge. And charging stations can still be be hard to find.
But  now you can plug in to a  weekly series of YouTube vlogs, that hopefully will demystify the world of Evs. And it will be coming from the point of view of an EV owner AND a petrol head. The two protagonists are John Bolton, a freelance video cameraman and producer from East Sussex, who traded in his BMW motorcycle last year for a four year old 24Kw Nissan Leaf. His reasons were to find a cheaper means of transport and do his bit for the environment. He said: “I’d quite like to know my kids will have air to breath when I’m gone…”
Dave Rhodes describes himself as a frustrated creative living in Bromley. He makes shows for www.rti.fm Dave has a huge passion for American muscle cars: “Probably because I grew up watching far too many American TV series in the 80’s where the car was the star.” Obviously this obsession is definitely not environmentally friendly. The first 4 webisodes will cover an electric vehicle road trip. Starting near Eastbourne, East Sussex, with JB at the controls of his trusty 2nd hand 24kw Nissan Leaf, The pair head for the British Motor Museum in Warwickshire. You can watch Max Regen on: youtube.com/channel/UCMkS8xf_Ll6RXVHHQsV1iyw You can also follow Max Regen on