Getting Around Slovakia: Contents


Arrival by flight:

Bratislava’s Air Connections – A Fairly Comprehensive List

Flying into Bratislava WITHOUT using Ryanair

A guide to Bratislava’s Airport: see here and here

Getting into the centre from the airport:

Getting from Bratislava Airport to the city centre, including the bus and train stations

How to get to Bratislava’s main hotels from the airport

Arrival by bus:

A guide to Bratislava’s main bus station

Arrival by train:

From the UK to Slovakia by Train: Why do it?

Getting to Bratislava by train – from the UK (yes, Englishman in Slovakia has recently been testing the best route and will be writing about it  – very soon!)

A guide to Bratislava’s main train station

How to get to Bratislava’s main hotels from the train station

Arrival by boat:

Getting to Bratislava by Boat

A guide to Bratislava’s main ferry port

Getting Around Bratislava:

Bratislava’s main tram, bus and trolleybus routes (and which key sights and attractions you can visit on each)

Petržalka’s New Tram Link

The cognac express – Bratislava taxis with class!

Quirky Bratislava city tours

From Bratislava Across Slovakia:

Flights from Bratislava across Slovakia

Taking the train east across Slovakia from Bratislava

RegioJet: the Alternative to State Trains


Arrival by Flight:

The London to Poprad Air Route

From Poprad into the High Tatras:

The Tatras Electric Railway

How to Get Between Poprad, Zdiar (in the High Tatras) and Zakopane (in Poland)

Off-the-beaten-track tours around Poprad and the High Tatras


Arrival by Flight:

Košice‘s Flight Connections

Getting Between Košice’s airport and train station

 Arrival by Train:

Košice‘s snazzy new railway station

 Getting Between Košice’s train station and airport

Getting Around Košice

Quirky Košice city tours