Nights Out

I’m more about cinema, theatre and live music venues than I am about clubbing, so expect a fair bit to accrue here on the first three in this chapter and just a little on the clubs. Have a good night!

For Bratislava and Košice, we’ve also compiled this list of the classic places to go for a night out:


Slovak Philharmonic (Slovenská filharmónia): In this beautifully renovated baroque building, you can catch some great classical music concerts several times weekly. MAP

Slovak National Theatre (Slovenské národné divadlo or SND): The highly impressive  SND has two venues in Bratislava: one (the original building) on Hviezdoslavovo Námestie in a grand 1880’s colonnaded building and the other (the new building, opened in 2007) east of the centre at the Eurovea shopping centre, overlooking the Danube.MAP MAP

Hlava 22: This is Bratislava’s best bet for catching live jazz outside of October’s jazz festival. The website is only in Slovak. MAP

Nu Spirit Bar: Time-tested bastion of experimental, electronic, hip hop and groove music in Bratislava, in a cosy cellar bar. Now the site has an English-language blog so anyone can follow what’s on. Things get going around 9 or 10pm. MAP


Kosice State Theatre (Štátne divadlo Košice): A grand turn-of-the-century building on Hlavná (the main city square) with a well-regarded programme of dance, music and drama. MAP

Jazz Club: Not just jazz (although that happens regularly) but also regular DJs and even tango. Yes. MAP

Places to go out in Nightlife

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    The Slovenský Rozhlas, or Slovak Radio Building, is known by Bratislava tourists mostly only as a bizarre addition to the city skyline, standing in something of a Modernist no-man’s land outside the periphery of the Old Town. And it is bizarre – in shape, at least. It’s an upside-down concrete pyramid, for Chrissakes: it rivals ...

  • Bratislava: Film Club NostalgiaBratislava: Film Club Nostalgia

    Cinema can die suddenly. The last half a century has borne out the truth of that statement. And with that death comes the death of something else: a certain age-old glamour, perhaps. But in Bratislava there are a few places which are somehow surviving against multiplexes like Aurpark’s Cinema City (multiplexes which in my opinion ...