Slovaks are pretty fit on the whole: exercise and sport are big things here (something to do with that amazing scenery, maybe), and people LOVE to do it in the proper gear. So voila: our sports sub-section – or rather our sub-section for sports and activities that need specialist gear.

You will not find anything on hiking, therefore, in this section – you can visit our comprehensive Hiking chapter in the Places to Go section. 

APART FROM THAT,  read on! As ever, we champion here the lesser-known sports and activities. First, scroll down to see what we preview in Bratislava and the High Tatras and – if what you want to find out about isn’t covered – keep scrolling for our features on weird and wondrous Slovakia sports and activities. 



No one needs special routes to run on, of course, in a city like Bratislava where nature so closely surrounds you. Nevertheless, starting from Kamzik at the edge of Bratislava’s Mestské Lesy, a great network of running routes (some very uP and DOwn) fan out, with signs telling you how many kilometres you’ve come and how many more there are to go on any specific route. There’s even exercise apparatus en route!

You can also go running along the south bank of the Danube from Most SNP: you’re quickly out of the city in riverside greenery. This is not a dedicated running track, however: it’s much more popular with roller-bladers and cyclists.


Mountain Biking

Just north of Ždiar in the Belianské Tatry one of the ski slopes converts in summer into Bike Park Bachledova. The chair lift becomes the bike lift and up you go, ready to zoom back down again… MAP


  • poprad-riverPoprad, a postcard across time is voted winter’s real wonderland

    The beautiful city of Poprad had daunting metaphorical mountains to climb less than 30 years ago. Foders Travel Guide to Eastern Europe said in 1993 that Poprad was a place you ‘don’t want to linger’. And certainly when I first set down there more than a decade later it was a place that appeared to have been ...

  • Rushing passed Devin on a punctured canoe © Down the Morava and Danube into Bratislava

    Approach is everything. With Bratislava, you have several means at your disposal. By road from Vienna isn’t bad: after all, out of the flat eastern Austrian farmland rears the forested hills of Devínska Kobyla and the otherworldly Communist-era tower blocks of Devínska Nová Ves, scored in-between by the Morava river that people died trying to cross to get to ...

  • On the attack… the Manchester United of tomorrow?Spectator Sports in Slovakia: Poprad & the Manchester United Connection

    Slovakia is better known for its ice hockey than football when it comes to spectator sports. Whilst the national ice hockey side have, for many years, vied with the world’s best, the football achievements are less well known. The Slovak national football team is one of the youngest national football teams in the world, having ...

  • On Video: Ice Walking in the High Tatras

    A nice wintery video, this one… two hikers walking on Slovakia’s clean mountain  ice… plenty of frozen lakes up in the High Tatras, too, so why not take the winter-only opportunity to see them from a different angle; right on top of them!

  • Tours: Tatras Adventure Trips with Adventoura

    Adventoura runs some of the coolest organised tours of the Slovakian Tatras around. It’s based out of Poprad. Here talks to the founder to give you an idea of what you can see and do with the company…  Question One: What inspired you to set up Adventoura? And why in Poprad? At the time Adventoura went on market ...

  • On Video: Parkour & Freerunning in Vyhne, Banská Bystrica Region