Mission Statement!

SOMETHING NEW published on travel and culture in Slovakia in English that you hopefully didn’t know before, several times per month!

The pet hatred of Englishmaninslovakia is itsy-bitsy online content that it is grossly outdated, lacking in practical details and – worst of all, either written by a bot or tenth-hand information that has been copied from another site that was probably wrong in the first place.

SO everything on here is personally researched, genuinely experienced, complemented in the vast majority of cases by pictures unique to this site and – if we do say so ourselves – pretty well written.

AND whilst comprehensive coverage of all the best things in Slovakia is our ultimate aim, more important for us are insights into some of the quirkier, less-known sights, traditions and tendencies. In short, a montage of Slovak-ness – the good and, on occasion, the not-so-good. Because a true portrait of a country is never 100% positive.

WHY ARE WE DIFFERENT from any other information you could read about Slovak travel and culture anywhere else…

When we write about a place to go, or a place to stay, or a place to eat or drink; when we write about a shop or a sport or a nightlife spot or an aspect of arts/culture in Slovakia from the music to the film to the writing to the cuisine to the traditions; when we give you the best and most up-to-date information on getting around Slovakia or the latest events and festivals; when we give you inspirational top tens of Slovakia or interviews with cool Slovaks in our spotlight on… section or even just gush about Slovakia in our musings or in our photo stories…

When we do any of that, we do it, on average, in 20 TIMES THE DEPTH, COLOUR, DETAIL AND ACCURACY anywhere else does it (our average articles/reviews in all of the above sections are 500 words+ with pictures and up-to-date info). WE ARE SELECTIVE in our coverage (we go for eclectic, not broad-brush) which means the things we talk about will get you up close and personal with the real Slovakia beyond the tourist traps and way, way off the beaten path. Even so, we feature MORE INTERESTING PLACES (places to go, places to stay, places to eat and drink, places to shop, places to try weird sports and activities, places to go out at night) in Slovakia than almost anywhere else on the web. We include MAPS, ADMISSION PRICES and OPENING HOURS on all our articles where relevant and we’ve also implemented our Next on the Journey feature for all Places to Go and Places to Eat & Drink content, thus taking you on a CHOOSE-YOUR-OWN-ADVENTURE JOURNEY ACROSS SLOVAKIA IN WORDS AND PICTURES (just scroll to the bottom of any article for this!)