Places to Eat & Drink

I like eating. A lot. And Slovakia is a new, exciting country for me, so an essential part of the englishmaninslovakia experience is EATING (and because I can’t change my English blood, DRINKING!). So expect this section to be filled with anecdotes on my favourite places to eat out/ drink out in Slovakia. Whether that’s a a great place to have coffee and cakes, a tradition-steeped reštaurácia (restaurant) offering classic Slovak dumpling-rich fare, a countryside koliba (rustic restaurant), some fusion eatery experimenting with changing that reputation for tradition-steeped food Slovakia has, something of a spicier middle-eastern nature or for something stronger a smoke-filled traditional krčma (pub), expect descriptions/ rants right here.

Typical Slovak food (which you can read more about too in our Arts & Culture/Cuisine & Recipes sub-section) is generally heavy and hearty and is the child of Slovakia’s stint in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, with strong influences from these nations.  Slovak drinks? With a rich wine- and spirit-making tradition, Slovakia is a one-of-a-kind country alcohol-wise! 

 The Places to Eat & Drink/Bratislava sub-section is divided again into three types of eateries/drinkeries: cafes, restaurants, and bars & pubs (so whatever time of day you’re looking for somewhere you shouldn’t have a problem). 

For the best options, scroll down the drop-down menu for each Slovak region and the corresponding posts. For a journey across Slovakia in words and pictures, we also strongly recommend our Next on the Journey feature – which you’ll find by scrolling to the end of any article in this Places to Eat & Drink section or the Places to Go section. Whatever tickles your fancy… dobrú chuť !

Our destination content is now growing at such a rate of knots that for several places – Modra, Piešt’any and Trenčin (Western Slovakia), Banská Štiavnica (Central & Southern Slovakia) and Košice (Eastern Slovakia) – we now have mini-guides attached to the end of each article that’s related to these destinations: where you can see, at a glance, ALL the associated destination content! These are our Top Slovak Stop-offs – and we’ll be adding Poprad to this list very soon. (Bratislava, of course, has its own dedicated Places to Go, Places to Stay and Places to Eat & Drink sub-sections)