mala velka fatra

Mala Fatra & Velka Fatra


MAIN ACCESS POINTS: Žilina (good train and bus links, E50 Motorway)

Home of the Slovak Robin Hood, Juraj Jánošik: a region full of surprises waiting to be sprung upon you – namely green mountains, steep wooded valleys and the great hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities which go hand in hand. But there’s a couple of intriguing cities here too: Žilina, with its rumbling undercurrent of Bohemian arts, and Martin, best known for great museums – not to mention some of Slovakia’s smartest spas in Rajecke Teplice and Turčianske Teplice.

ALSO IN THIS REGION… This sub-section is where to focus your attentions for the scoop on where to go in Malá Fatra & Vel’ká Fatra but don’t forget to check out the best places to stay hereabouts in our Places to Stay/Malá Fatra & Vel’ká Fatra sub-section and the region’s best dining spots in our Places to Eat & Drink/Malá Fatra & Vel’ká Fatra sub-section.


Places to go in Mala Fatra & Velka Fatra

  • The verdant ridges around Chleb, by Vrátna Valley – & Two Short Walks Around Chleb and Veľký Kriváň

    If anyone were to ask me where they should go to grab the most accessible and authentic slice of mountain life in Slovakia, factoring in the obligatory stupendous viewpoint and a hike to a classic wilderness hut dishing out hearty Slovak meals, I would without hesitation say: “come here.” Taking the cable car up from the ...

  • Kiosk 2011Žilina: Artsy Gateway to Malá Fatra National Park

    Here’s the insiders guide to the city most people think of as just a jump-off point for the delights of the Malá Fatra National Park: with some classic tips from artistic community at the now-renowned venue of Stanica. And hey: it’s not just me or the Stanica lot saying Žilina is cool: it was recently listed ...