Orava Valley


MAIN ACCESS POINTS: Čadca (bus links – to Žilina, train – to Poland and Czech Republic, E75 highway – to Žilina) Dolný Kubín (OK bus links – to  Žilina, E77 highway – to Ružomberok)

The diminutive Orava Valley region justifies its own sub-section on this site because of its cultural distinctiveness. Not only does it sport one of the finest fortresses in Eastern Europe in Orava Castle (erstwhile location for vampire flick Nosferatu) but it’s also easily Slovakia’s most enigmatic region. Tucked away amidst steep hills which sheer away into the High Tatras (to the east) and Malá Fatra (to the west) in extreme northern Slovakia its nature is glorious and its traditional architecture distinctive (showcased in a wonderful outdoor museum to the east in Zuberec). We’d also like to draw your attention to the regional capital of Dolný Kubín – southwest of Orava castle, it’s a pleasant town with a strong cultural pride dating back to the days when famous Slovak writer Hviezdoslav hung out here.

ALSO IN THE REGION… As well as this sub-section on places to go in the Orava valley(s) we’ve also got sub-sections on accommodation options (Places to Stay/Orava Valley) and eateries (Places to Eat & Drink/Orava Valley) up in these wild parts.

Places to go in Orava Valley