Slovak Paradise

Slovak Paradise


MAIN ACCESS POINTS: Spišská Nová Ves (bus, train, E50 motorway)

This is where you come to hike and relish the quintessential loveliness of Slovakia: a national park famed for its sheer woodsy gorges and the thrilling ascents therein, often over rickety ladders hammered into cliffs sprayed by waterfalls. You won’t get the high mountains here – go to our Places to Go/High Tatras sub-section for that – but the Slovak Paradise is about rolling verdant charm; bundles of it. Besides Spišská Nová Ves, the lacklustre town to the east of the national park which provides the main access, and Poprad to the park’s north, the key bases within the Slovak Paradise itself are Čingov (northeast), Hrabušice (north) and Dedinky (south).

ALSO IN THIS REGION: This is the catch-all sub-section for where to go in the Slovak Paradise, but for an idea of where to stay in the vicinity, check our Places to Stay/Slovak Paradise sub-section and if you’re looking for sustenance hereabouts check our Places to Eat & Drink/Slovak Paradise sub-section.

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