Kosice & Eastern Slovakia

After the long journey east you’ll be glad of plenty of places to rest your head. Košice isn’t quite up there with Bratislava for accommodation but this city is one of the most atmospheric locales to linger in, particularly around Hlavná námestíe and its beautiful cathedral – and a few great hotels together with a clutch of good guesthouses (penzióny) provide some charming possibilities. Then there are all those surrounding medieval towns – like Bardejov and Levoča – which between them offer quality digs, some in grand century-old townhouses. 

ALSO IN THIS REGION… Stick around in this sub-section for where to stay in Košice and East Slovakia but don’t forget: for things to do in this region check our Places to Go/Košice & Eastern Slovakia sub-section and certainly don’t miss out on this region’s culinary offerings which we detail in our Places to Eat & Drink/Košice & Eastern Slovakia sub-section. We’ve also got more on Košice in the Getting Around Slovakia section!

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Places to stay in Kosice & Eastern Slovakia

  • Picture by PATRICK CIMPRICHAncient Slovak castle’s new gateway to yet more mystery

    ** Picture by PATRICK CIMPRICH Exciting reports say that the mysterious missing main gate to Viniansky Castle has finally been found. The castle ruin in eastern Slovakia originally dominated a hill overlooking the trade route into Poland. But nobody has been able to pinpoint the original fortified entrance…  until now. Historic researcher Jaroslav Gorás is reported as saying: ...

  • kosiceparkKošice: The City’s “Eco” Hotel

    I’m not a big fan of always posting pictures of rooms when it comes to describing accommodation. The hotel has to be pretty stunning for the picture of its beds to look good. That’s the thing with “Eco” Hotel Dalia. It’s nice enough; some would say very nice. Its location, near the lovely leafy Mestský Park in Košice, ...