Low Tatras

It’s not just the High Tatras with a tempting series of mountain houses – the Low Tatras boasts plenty too and actually, these are often still remoter and less-known about. Whilst in High Tatras mountain houses often need to be booked in advance, here you’ll almost always be given a bed or have “room made” for you – although accommodations are usually of the dormitory kind. Still, you’re sleeping on a mountain ridge at 1700m+!

Whilst the valley towns of Ružomberok and Liptovský Mikuláš (northern access) and Brezno (southern access) provide some decent options which will mostly be used when you’re en route travelling up to the peaks, sleeping up on the ridgetop of the Low Tatras mountains (or failing that just underneath in mountain base settlements like Donovaly) is undeniably the highlight of a stay in this region.

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Places to stay in Low Tatras

  • The approach to the hotel - image by www.englishmaninslovakia.co.ukLow Tatras Mountains: Horský Hotel Srdiečko

    The first time I clapped eyes on the Horský Hotel Srdiečko, it was from above, along the spectacular Low Tatras mountain range ridge hike, the Hrebenovka. The hotel was nestled in an ink-green spread of forest just at the foot of the seriously sheer slopes ascending to Chopok, Slovakia’s main ski area. And because of the ...

  • ©Chata MagurkaLow Tatras Mountain House: Chata Magurka

    The light was failing, and we were despairing of ever finding our destination: perhaps someone had erected the gutterally-leaning wooden signpost on a barren rise off to to the side of the Hrebenovka, the ridge hike along the Low Tatras mountains that we’d been traipsing for the previous few days, for a joke. For the ...

  • ©www.englishmaninslovakia.co.ukLow Tatras Mountain House: Chata M.R. Štefánika

    Shortly before I arrived at Chata M.R. Štefánika, the heavens opened. What had been a sun-kissed start to my hike along the Hrebenovka, the three-day ridge trail across the Low Tatras mountains, became a downpour. I could barely discern the path in front of me. Then, looming through the rain clouds at precisely the right ...

  • Low Tatras Mountain House: Chata Pod Certovicou

    8:30am. The only other guest was chuckling to himself. He simply couldn’t believe it. The manager had just given him a bottle of wine (Château Topoľčianky, not bad), well, just because, too often these days there is a reason for everything and what is nice about Chata Pod Čertovicou is that everything about it confounds reason. ...