Mala Fatra & Velka Fatra

Aside from the High Tatras, of all Slovakia’s national parks, Malá Fatra has the best accommodation (it’s the nearest serious outdoor playground to Bratislava, after all). It often looks rustic from the outside, but perhaps that’s deliberate… because inside, it often glows… proprietors are well accustomed to tourists hereabouts, too… a fair few’ll speak English…

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Places to stay in Mala Fatra & Velka Fatra

  • Chleb, with the Vratna Valley beyond and Janosikove Diery just hidden... © Terchová: Hotel Diery

    What’s better than paradise? Another paradise that’s less crowded, right? Take Slovenský Raj, for example, or the Slovak Paradise, as the name translates. Sitting just southeast of Poprad, Slovenský Raj national park is rightly known for its paradisaical qualities: namely its steeply-twisting narrow rocky valleys, carpeted by conifers and splashed by rushing waterfalls up which you ...